About Us

Trace Produce is an account-based website that allows growers and shippers to market the traceable aspects of their produce to consumers, while maintaining their existing in-house labeling and software systems. Codes found on produce packages can be typed into search boxes at the website, which allows consumers to discover exactly where their produce came from. Traceable produce helps to build consumer confidence, providing a benefit to all members of the produce supply chain - from the farmer to the end-consumer.

Trace Produce provides the simplest solution for growers and shippers to link information to produce packages. No special hardware, labels, or proprietary coding system required. The account-based format allows retailers, food service, buyers, and terminal market members to gain secure information and documentation about purchased produce based off of the code found on the unit or case.

Trace Produce is a privately held company, located in Nyssa, Oregon.

The technology discussed on this website may be covered by one or more of the following US Patents:

CA 2601138

Patent pending.