Solutions: Re-Packers/Blending Packing

Re-packers utilizing Trace Produce can link tracing codes from other packers' product that have an account at Trace Produce. This allows the re-packer to maintain and market trace-back to the original field/orchard and/or grower, while also showing where the product received final packaging. If a re-packer receives product from a grower/shipper that does not have an account at, the re-packer can include text information with their Lots that describes where the product was originally grown and packaged. Packers that work with blended product can link multiple lot records to one lot code found on the package. This allows information about each individual product in the produce package to be accessible from one lot code on the Trace Produce website. Blended packers can also link lot codes on totes or other container-filled products that come from additional suppliers, to their final lot code.

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